The Edward H. Bennett Collection was donated to the Lake Forest College Archives and Special Collections on November 15, 2008. The Collection consisted of materials that had been passed from Edward H. Bennett to his son, Edward H. Bennett Jr., and later to his grandson, Edward H. (Ted) Bennett III. When former College Archivist Arthur H. Miller was preparing a talk on Bennett for the Lake Forest Preservation Foundation, he asked Ted and his wife Marcia O. Bennett for any materials that could supplement the presentation. Ted and Marcia conducted a search through the family archives, rounding up any remaining material of Bennett's, including correspondence, photographs, and sketches, and gifted this collection to Ted's alma mater.

This exhibit of the collection was created in the summer of 2016 by Sophie Mucciaccio ('18) and College Archivist Anne Thomason. It was completed in the course of Lake Forest College's Richter Scholar Summer Research Program, which provides students with the opportunity to conduct independent, individual research with Lake Forest College faculty early in their academic careers.

Elizabeth Ludowise ('19) helped transcribe the correspondence for the exhibit and we are very grateful for her help. 

The project could not have been completed without the help of Erik Larson, Associate Director of LIT and Senior System Administrator at Lake Forest College.

Many thanks to Emeritus College Archivist Arthur Miller, who did a great a deal of work on the collection while at the College, and whose research aided our project greatly. 



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